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Read Online

We Should Be Beyond This - Southword 25

The Hand Of God - On YouTube.

Rotting In A Horsebox - Penduline 9

Capricorn - Meniscus 4-1

Anthology Inclusions

From The Plough To The Stars Culture Matters [Ireland]

Cork Words - Contemporary Cork Writing Cork City Libraries [Cork]

Lake Disappointment and Other Stories Linen Hall Library [Belfast].

Capricorn in The Hennessy Book of Irish Fiction New Island [Dublin].

Tear Duct Capacity in  Irish Writers Against War O'Brien Press [Dublin].

Do You Like Oranges? in Pulse Fiction [ARP, London]

Do You Like Oranges? in Snapshots [ARP, London]

All Published Stories in the Following

Climate Matters/ Ripetide Press (UK).  Undeniable/ Alternating Current Press (USA). Divisions/ London Reader (London). Lake Disappointment and Other Stories (Linen Hall Library, Belfast). Meniscus Vol 4 Edition 1 (Australia). The Hennessy Book of Irish Fiction 2005-15 (Dublin). HISSAC Islands Anthology (Scotland). Irish Writers Against War (Dublin). An Gob Saor (Cork). Sense Of Cork (Cork). Snapshots (London, UK).  Pulse Fiction (London, UK). Southword 25 (Cork). Penduline 9 (Seattle, USA). Do You Like Oranges? (Smashwords). Southword 20 (Cork). Cork Review XVI (Cork). Train In The Night (Guildford, UK). Sunday Tribune (Dublin). Duality 3 (Edinburg, Scotland). Lib Lit (NYC, USA). Cork Lit. Review, 11 (Cork). Hieroglyphics 1 (Cork). Burning Bush, 5 (Galway). Southword, 2-2 (Cork). Burning Bush, 3 (Galway). The Cúirt Journal, 7 (Galway). The Stinging Fly, 5 (Dublin). Flaming Arrows, 5 (Sligo). The Cúirt Journal, 4 (Galway).

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