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A River Of Bodies

A River of Bodies is the gripping sequel to To KeepA Bird Singing and the second part of Kevin Doyle’s Solidarity Books trilogy.


NOELIE SULLIVAN, disaffected punk and grassroots activist, has every reason to be afraid. His investigation into Danesfort Industrial School and the boys who went missing from it is attracting attention. Special Branch want him to disappear and he’s made enemies of the powerful Walsh and Donnelly families. But Noelie’s old-fashioned – he believes in fair play, telling
the truth, standing up for the innocent. He won’t walk away. At least that’s what he tells himself until his friends and family start paying the price.

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To Keep A Bird Singing

Ireland, 2010, and austerity is biting. When downbeat and disaffected
Noelie Sullivan finds his missing punk records for sale in a charity
shop in Cork, it seems like a lucky break until he discovers documents
inside one of the sleeves, alleging that missing local man, Jim Dalton,
was murdered twenty years ago.



The Worms That Saved The World

"Their lives are turned upside down when a luxury golf course invades their headland. The worms try to negotiate but their efforts are met with insecticide. Our long, wriggly friends have had enough! They decide to take action …  A story for children and (ssssssh) adults too."

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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